A full-service marketing partnership with AirSmart, the world’s finest Indoor Environment System

AirSmart is an Indoor Environment System that redefines air purification and climate comfort. Far more than a heating and cooling system, it actively removes allergens and pollutants to deliver purified air, making living and working spaces healthier and more enjoyable to inhabit. Its discreet installation integrates seamlessly for clean lines and uncompromised design aesthetics.




  • Marketing and advertising analysis and strategy
  • Graphic design – print and digital 
  • Social media strategy, design and copywriting
  • EDM strategy, design and copywriting
  • Event & expo analysis and strategy
  • Point-of-sale/exhibition display collateral
  • Print advertisements
  • Keyword research and SEO


Founded in Ontario, Canada, AirSmart entered the Australian market in 2011. They came to Tout Creative with the desire to “supercharge” their marketing and position the brand as the leader in their field of indoor environment systems.


AirSmart had already done the groundwork in developing a brand strategy and website before engaging Tout Creative, so this provided a solid platform for us to build on. Changing from using several suppliers to a single integrated creative agency can be challenging but Tout Creative was in constant communication with AirSmart to ensure a smooth transition. We began with a detailed marketing and advertising analysis then developed a marketing and content plan. This included project management and producing social media content, event and exhibition planning, print advertising, electronic direct mail (EDM), and more.


Building AirSmart’s brand is a continual process and we work with them on a weekly basis to help reach their marketing goals. With our team of expert designers, copywriters, digital gurus and strategists, Tout Creative is trusted by AirSmart to deliver quality across all marketing channels and we have become an essential part of their company. We look forward to seeing how our marketing helps AirSmart’s lead generation and customer journey.

“We chose Tout Creative as our marketing partner because they understand our brand and our marketing needs. Their expertise and use of the latest tech tools means they keep coming up with solutions that are not only beautifully designed but also smart and effective. Tout Creative are easy to work with and talk with us regularly – we know we can count on the Tout team.”